Our Partners

Our partners are very much involved in the success of our teams.
We work closely with all of them to bring the best entertainment experience
to all our fans across the world.


Paris Saint-Germain was created in 1970. Since the acquisition of the Club by QSI in 2011, Paris Saint-Germain has transformed itself to become one of the best football clubs and one of the main sports brands in the world and went on to win 22 trophies in just eight years, reaching a total of 40 trophies in its history, becoming the most successful football club in France.

The popularity of the Club internationally continues to grow and is now one of the most followed clubs in the world with over 73 million social media fans. Paris Saint-Germain, which now includes the sections of men's football, women's football, handball and judo, became one of the first sports clubs to invest in the world of esports in 2016.


M88 Mansion

M88 Mansion is one of the pioneers and the leading online gaming entertainment platforms in Asia, internationally recognized as a regional industry leader. Established in 2007, M88 Mansion displays the largest and the most diversified collection of sports betting offers, casino slot games and table games as well as live dealer casino games.

With almost two thousand employees supporting more than 1,000,000 customers in the Southeast Asian region, M88 Mansion continuously strives to provide optimal customer care support to its valued players ensuring a safe, secure and a fun place to play, proving its claim to be the number one gaming destination in Asia.     



AfreecaTV is a P2P technology-based video streaming service headquartered in South Korea. Known as a social multimedia platform which allows anyone to freely broadcast and watch, AfreecaTV creates new media where users are the owners. As of July 2019, AfreecaTV was listed 4th in the "Asia's 200 Best Under A Billion" list by Forbes.



Secretlab is a Singaporean furniture company established by Ian Ang and Alaric Choo in 2014. With the ambition of changing the gaming chair industry by a seat that combined with the finest materials, Secretlab has grown to be the most popular gaming chair company among all the esports communities. Multiple esports game titles have partnered with Secreatlab as their official gaming chair provider during tournaments. Since the first product was released in 2015, Secretlab has sold millionth chairs. With the innovative design and practicality function, Secretlab's gaming chair was awarded with multiple titles.





SteelSeries is the worldwide leader in gaming and esports peripherals focused on premium quality, innovation, and functionality. Founded in 2001, SteelSeries improves performance through first-to-market innovations and technologies that enable gamers to play harder, train longer, and rise to the challenge. SteelSeries is the pioneering supporter of esports and competitive gaming tournaments, connecting gamers and fostering a sense of community and purpose. SteelSeries’ family of professional and gaming enthusiasts are the driving force behind the company and help influence, design, and craft every single accessory and the brand’s software ecosystem, SteelSeries GG. 




Yesports is the World’s First and only Web 3.0 Esports Engagement Platform (W3EP) offering a white glove service onboarding esports team to Web 3.0, including NFT design and go-to-market strategy as well as an esports-centric NFT marketplace for teams and fans to engage.

The platform’s long term vision is to deliver an unrivaled esports-centric Web 3.0 platform through which fans can eventually participate in the emerging metaverse.




Gaming is a way of life for Logitech G. We are dedicated to providing gamers of all levels with industry-leading keyboards, mice, headsets, mousepads and simulation products such as wheels and flight sticks – made possible through innovative design, advanced technologies and a deep passion for gaming.

Our team continually partners with all the major game developers to make sure our gear takes the latest gaming experience to its height. Logitech G also sponsors hundreds of pros and pro teams around the world, collaborating with the athletes themselves to design the most winning gear possible. 



G-BEAT is an Energy Drink designed for gamers, built on two things: Passion and Innovation. Passion connects consumers and their “desire” to live the life they want. Innovative by developing Energy Drinks to the next level in terms of an exotic taste, easy to drink, no sugar, using caffeine from natural energy sources and vitamins from high-quality sources to meet the lifestyle and changing needs of consumers.




Carnival is one of Thailand’s premier streetwear boutiques. Established in 2010, Carnival started as a small Converse store providing a variety of well selected Converse models within Bangkok.

Carnival is one of the first sneaker stores which focused on utilizing Social Media and Online Marketing. In only 6 months, Carnival's Facebook page grew to 100k likes, garnering attention among sneakerheads and converse fans.  




Nanoleaf was founded in 2012 by three engineers wanting to shake up the lighting industry. Made up of a diverse team of passionate out-of-the-box thinking problem-solvers, Nanoleaf strives to transform and reshape the way we experience our world.

Nanoleaf is a pioneer in modern smart home, paving the way by continuously working to redefine the space. By “rethinking what’s possible” and pursuing constant innovation with our technology and designs, at Nanoleaf we are able to create products unlike anything ever seen before and explore the potential of what smart home can truly be.  


Chef Cares

Chef Cares began in March of 2020 as a collaborative effort combining Thailand’s top chefs with generous sponsors of quality ingredients to create and donate delicious and nutritious meals to frontline hospital and transit personnel during the initial fight against COVID-19. Over a period of three and a half months the project successfully delivered over 30,000 meals and helped to lift spirits during a difficult time.

The overwhelmingly positive response led founder Marisa Chearavanont to create Chef Cares Foundation with a mission to “Promote Thai gastronomy and contribute to society through the care and compassion of chefs”.



 Founded in June 2011, Twitch is the world’s leading social video platform and community for gamers. Each month, more than 100 million community members gather to watch and talk about video games with more than 1.7 million broadcasters. Twitch’s live and video on demand platform caters to the entire video game industry, including game developers, publishers, media outlets, events, casual content creators, and the entire esports scene.