Rainbow 6


Haneul “Egg” Kim was a forklift driver before joining the Talon R6 Squad. Now he has joined the team to lift up trophies with the team. He wants to drive the team to the highest goals of their careers.


Masaki “PmW” Someya is the only foreigner in the R6 team. PmW stands for 'Pepsi my Waifu'. He flew from Japan to join the Talon R6 squad, dreaming to lift the hammer one day.

He has a wide range of operator picks, and has great decision-making skills in-game. By the way, he loves Coca-Cola...


Min Hyeok “BD” Song, chose his nickname “BD” because he was a great fan of Black Dragons. BD has a talented mind in defense, which is reason why the team calls him 'The Last Resort'.

He was well-known when playing for amateur teams previously. When he was picked up by Talon, the R6 team managed to build a strong squad around his capabilities.


Dae Gyu “Tomorrow” Han was picked up by the squad for his high potential, which he was well-known for within the online Korean community.

He has great mechanical skills to compete against any other player in professional R6. He is currently the youngest in the Talon R6 team.


You Hyeon “Labyrinth” Do was a Starcraft 2 Pro Player for SKT T1 years ago. He has immense talent in playing RTS games, but also in other FPS games.

He joined the Talon R6 squad as a coach, but with his amazing knowledge and skills in-game, he had to set foot in the squad as a playing coach and exemplar for the Talon R6 team.