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United Esports and Talon Creator Gamtoh Produce Musical Album

Apr 26, 2023

United Esports and Talon Creator Gamtoh Produce Musical Album

United Esports and Talon Creator Gamtoh Produce Musical Album In First of its Kind Collab

Los Angeles, CA - APRIL 21st 2023 - United Esports, the leading esports media and marketing organization and Talon Esports, the APAC based esports organization with teams competing across top titles and millions of fans on a global scale, proudly announce today the launch of their collaborative music album for one of Thailand’s biggest content creators, Gamtoh. The album was co-produced by Gamoth and renowned American musician and songwriter Prince Fox and Musician-turned-executive Felix LaHaye.

With the lack of copyright-free music available to streamers and DMCA notices on the rise, Talon and United Esports saw an opportunity to find new ways to collaborate and create. The album, Game Time by Gamtoh, is a playful blend of house and EDM, and each of the tracks represent a different time in the gaming experience with titles such as, “waiting room”, and “loading screen”. The tracks will be featured during Gamoth’s live streams and shared with her community.

“When we first began developing this album, we set out to support an incredible creator and to help her achieve complete creative control over her content,” said Felix LaHaye, founder and CEO of United Esports. “In widening our scope, we see this kind of creative outlet becoming a game changer for so many other creators with Gamtoh blazing the trail.”

“Having tracks which mimic the energy and personality of Gamtoh is exciting for her fans and also allows her to take control of her expression through ownership of her own music,” said Sean Zhang, CEO of Talon Esports. “We believe this will be revolutionary for the industry and will look to push this to other content creators within the esports ecosystem.”

Co-producer Sam Lassner added, “Felix and I want to create a la carte gaming albums that reflect the gamers themselves, regardless of the games they choose to play, and we are thrilled that our first partner in this endeavor is the supremely talented and charismatic Gamtoh.”

This exciting endeavor marks the fist of many albums the orgs hope to produce together as they work to bring creative control to steamers all over the world.

The album is available to listen to now:

About United Esports:

United Esports is a leading North American esports media organization founded in 2018 by industry thought-leader, Felix LaHaye. We are the proud creative partner and gaming agency of record for many global brands and have earned multiple industry campaign of the year awards for our work. We are currently present across three spaces in the gaming world: Media & Marketing, Esports Bars (Meltdown Esports Bars) and competitive esports investments (PSG Talon, Beastcoast).

About Talon:

Talon is a leading esports, culture and lifestyle platform in Asia, with headquarters in Hong Kong. Regional offices are located in Thailand, Taiwan, the Philippines and South Korea. Talon was established in 2017 and operates seven professional esports teams in five markets and has accolades of over 30 tournament wins. Talon operates its own creative studio to run the industry-best esports marketing, content creation, and activities for Talon and its partners. For more information visit


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