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Jun 10, 2020


Having won the PCS Spring Split 2020, Talon were invited to compete in the Mid-Season Showdown, a smaller inter-regional tournament to include the top 2 teams from the PCS and the top 2 teams from VCS. This was one of a number of international tournaments held globally to replace the cancelled (COVID19) Mid-Season Invitational.

The tournament structure comprised of a group stage round robin where teams would play each other twice before a King of the Hill playoffs format. Ripping through the group stage 5-1, with our only loss to fellow PCS Grand Finalists Machi, we topped the group and moved straight into the Grand Finals.

Meeting us in the Grand Finals would be Team Flash, the champions of the VCS who were able to defeat Machi in the Semi Finals. Though they were able to take one game off us, Team Flash were no match as we took the series 3-1, claiming our second League of Legends title in our first split.

Big shout out to Bigfafa, Saroo and the team on an incredible performance. We will look to strengthen over the break and come back even stronger in Summer with a berth at Worlds the main objective.


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