Aug 30, 2022


One of Thailand’s most successful esports teams, Talon, is proud to announce today the launch of their first fan membership program in collaboration with Yesports. This membership program will allow fans to have access and exclusive privileges to Talon’s Arena of Valor team which competes in Thailand’s RPL Pro League as well as its extensive roster of KOLs.

The membership program will be available to fans in three tiers each with its own benefits and features:

  •         Gold $5 USD 
  •         Platinum $60 USD 
  •         Diamond $100 USD 

Each tier will include specific rewards which include access to all expense paid trips with teams and KOLs, coaching sessions with talents, free merchandise, product discounts and fan meet and greets amongst others. Fans who have membership will be able to vote on jersey designs, merchandise collaborations and more.

Talon’s fanbase will have first access to the memberships which will be available for a limited time or until memberships are sold out. There is no limit on gold tier memberships, however,  diamond tier memberships will be capped due to the high value offering of Talon’s utilities and needing to maintain scalability. 

The membership program is a way for Talon to bring its community closer together and to allow our fanbase to have a voice in the direction we go next.

“Currently we have thousands of fans who show us love and support daily. We currently have no efficient system to reward those who are the most passionate and vocal. With the introduction of this membership program we believe it’s one of many steps we can take to align closer to our biggest supporters,” said Sean Zhang, CEO of Talon.

"Yesports is built to deliver utility-first gamer products powered by Web3 that drive fan engagement across esports. We are proud to be partnering with Talon and helping them unleash unrivalled experiences for their fans through NFT memberships," said Yesports CEO, Sebastian Quinn.

About Talon

With teams and fans from every corner of the region, Talon is a showcase of Asian talent. Founded in 2017, Talon has won more than 30 major championships across multiple titles including League of Legends, Arena of Valor, Overwatch, Rainbow 6, Tekken 7 and Street Fighter V, Valorant and Dota 2. For more information visit

About Yesports

Yesports is building the world's largest blockchain-enabled esports metaverse and fan engagement platform, offering a highly customisable NFT membership model for esports teams to engage with their fans. With a combined audience of ~30 million fans and followers across the globe from the 10+ esports partners already signed onto the platform, Yesports is the single largest venue for esports in Web3.


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