May 07, 2022


GBeat becomes exclusive energy drink partner for Talon Thailand

THAILAND MAY 07, 2022 - Talon, Southeast Asia’s leading esports organization, is excited to announce GBeat, the new energy drink for gamers in Thailand as the official Energy Drink partner of the Arena of Valor (ROV) team. 

Talon are the current representatives of Thailand’s ROV team, sending 5 players to Vietnam at the upcoming SEA Games in May. The team is also the 2021 AIC champions with two domestic Pro League Winter champions as well.

The partnership will see Talon promote the new zero sugar brand designed specifically for gamers with co-created content across the team’s social media in Thailand.

Sean Zhang, CEO of Talon Esports, said: “Our players are amongst the best in the world at what they do. Whether it is match day or training during the week, the players require intense concentration and focus for hours on end. We are delighted to have such an exciting new brand in GBeat fuel the team to ensure they’re at peak performance no matter the occasion.

Equally important is being able to share with our fans the things we love. It’s a great tasting product that will enhance the gaming experience of any gamer - whether it’s gaming themselves or cheering on their favorite team or streamer.”

To find out more about Talon, visit or get the latest updates on Facebook “@TalonEsportsTH”, YouTube “@TalonesportsTH”, Instagram “@Talonesports_th

To find out more about Gbeat, visit and check them out on Facebook at “G-Beat”, YouTube “G-BEAT” and on Instagram at “gbeatenergy

About GBeat: G-BEAT is an Energy Drink designed for gamers, built on two things Passion and Innovation Passion connects consumers and their “desire” to live the life they want. Innovation by developing Energy Drinks to the next level in terms of an exotic taste, easy to drink, no sugar, using caffeine from natural energy sources and vitamins from high-quality sources to meet the lifestyle and changing needs of consumers.

About Talon Esports: Talon is a leading esports, culture and lifestyle platform in Asia, with headquarters in Hong Kong. Regional offices are located in Thailand, Taiwan, the Philippines and South Korea. Talon was established in 2017 and operates seven professional esports teams in five markets and has accolades of over 30 tournament wins. Talon operates its own creative studio to run the industry-best esports marketing, content creation, and activities for Talon and its partners. For more information visit


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