Tekken 7


Nopparut Hempamorn (Book)
Birthday: November 11th, 1986

Book is Thailand's number one Tekken player and renowned in the Tekken player as a top Jin player. He has reached stardom in Thailand by winning a gold medal for Tekken 7 at Southeast Asian Games 2019 and also won Evolution Championship Series Japan 2020!


One of the most popular Tekken 7 players in the world. He loves to cosplay as characters during tournaments and isn't afraid to be teased by the online world. He may look cute and weak but once you face him, you will not be able to take his skills as a joke.

2016 Japan Tousinden 1st
2016 Korea Tekken Strike 1st
2017 Korea Inven First Console 1st
2017 Online TWT 1st
2019 Atlanta Battle Opera TWT Dojo 1st
2019 Poland Fighting Challenger TWT Master 1st
2018, 2019 TWT World Finals Competitor.