Clash Royale


No Tilt Worlds 2020 - Runner Up
HT : 8646

He calls himself the Rising Star. He’s been playing CR for 3 years and has a lot of love for the game. He loves to eat and it is hard to find a dish he can’t finish...


HT: 8253

The youngest and also the rookie, but biggest of the Talon CR team. Geralt is known for his very reliable playstyle. Like his physique, his favorite card is the Royal Giant.


CRL Asia 2019 Season 2 Champion
No Tilt Worlds 2020 #2
HT : 8370

He has numerous championships in private tournaments and he calls his plays sexy...

One Crown

CRL Asia 2019 Season 2 Champion
HT : 7777

He’s been playing CR from the beginning. His favorite card is skeleton army and likes to play defensive. His goal is to win another championship.